An Incomplete Guide to World Domination

This world is full of insanely creative, passionate people who have found a way to take something they love and make a living of it. Making your own way is never easy. Finding a way to turn your dream into reality is a challenge. But it is possible.

Everyone has something they are passionate about. A lot of people dream of ways to turn that passion into something, but honestly, it can be terrifying. Especially when most people will push you to consider getting a ‘real job’, rather than chase the unknown.

That is why I (Brianna) created this podcast. To shine a light on the people who have turned their dream into a reality. To prove to people that it is possible, even though it may be difficult. To give people a chance to share their story and their challenges from all stages of their creative journey.

It is a podcast by creators, for creators. Because together, we can take over the world.

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